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Manufacturer of Copper Nickel Electrode, Cu-Ni Filler Rod and Cupro Nickel Brazing Rods

Sunflex Metal is one of the most respected suppliers of Cupro Nickel Welding Rods to the mechanical engineering industry in India. By the process of tig welding copper nickel to stainless steel, it gives the finest quality weld metal. These welding rods have a Density of 0.323 lb/in³ (8.94 g/cm3). The Yield Strength (annealed) of Cupro Nickel Electrode is 15000 psi (103 MPa). It has a Rockwell B Hardness of 69. Cupro Nickel Filler Rod is used a lot in leads of electronic components, transistor caps and anodes in electronic tubes. Such types of rods offer resistance against heat and acids. These rods offer better mechanical properties and better corrosion resistance.

These rods also have excellent resistance to biofouling and corrosion in seawater. Since over 50 years, Copper Nickel Tig Welding Rod are being used with great success in seawater. The Molecular Formula of Cupro Nickel Tig Rod is ‎CuNi. It has a Tensile Strength (annealed) of 52000 psi (359 MPa) and Tensile Strength (rolled-H04 for flat products/ hard drawn-H80 for tubing) of 78000 psi (538 MPa). Important to note that in the Copper Nickel Pipe welding procedure, most of the standard welding processes can be used to weld Copper Nickel. The Elongation at Break of Copper Nickel Brazing Rods (rolled-H04 for flat products/hard drawn-H80 for tubing), is 11.00% and its Elongation at Break (annealed), is 40%. These brazing rods have superior mechanical properties and they also have a perfect finish, without any flaws. Such rods have great strength and they also have an extended wear life. These types of rods can be readily fabricated and welded and as such they are a great choice for marine structures, heat exchangers and pipe systems.

Manufacturer of Copper Nickel Welding Rods in following forms

Copper Nickel Filler Rod

Copper Nickel Filler Rod

90/10 Copper Nickel Welding Rod

90/10 Copper Nickel Welding Rod

Copper Nickel Tig Rod

Copper Nickel Tig Rod

Copper Nickel Brazing Rods

Copper Nickel Brazing Rods

Copper Nickel Welding Rod specifications

Copper Nickel Tig Rod

Sifalloy No 79 x 3.2mm

ISO 24373: Cu7158 (CuNi10)

Cupro Nickel welding rods specification

End ProductSpecification
Electrode, WeldingAWS A5.6, MILITARY MIL-E-22200/4

specification(mm)dia. x lengthworking current(A)Packingweight
4×355 200200PCS1.56Kg
5×355 255100PCS1.22Kg
6×355 32550PCS0.92Kg
7×355 35050PCS1.20Kg
8×355 40050PCS1.6Kg
10×355 55050PCS2.32Kg

Copper Nickel Welding Rod for air conditioner

A copper-nickel electrode for welding alloys of similar composition as well as 80/20 and 90/10 Cu/Ni alloys.

Typical Applications

  • Marine applications
  • Good resistance to the corrosive effects of sea water
  • Used for the clad side of copper-nickel clad steels

Material: Coper Nickel
Length: 300mm-500mm
Operating Current: DC AC
Welding Current: International Standard
Operating Temperature: Standard Temperature
Diameter: 2.5mm
Application: welding copper tube
Product Name: Welding rod
Standard: AWS A.5.1 E6013
Packing: 1kg/inner Box
Other Name: Welding Rode Electrode
Color: copper

  • AWS A5.6/A5.6M: 2008: ECuNi
  • ASME SFA-A5.11: ECuNi
  • UNS: W60715

Price: US $15.00/ Kilograms

Cupro Nickel electrode for seawater corrosion resistance


UTS: 35-40 kgf/mm2

Elongation: 20-26%