Copper Nickel Tin Alloy Rod and Tube

AMS 4596 Rod, UNS C72900 AMS 4597 Round Bar supplier

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Copper Nickel Tin Alloy Round Bar

Copper Nickel Tin Alloy Round Bar

AMS 4596 Rods

AMS 4596 Rods

Copper Alloy UNS C72900 AMS 4597 Hex Bar

Copper Alloy UNS C72900 AMS 4597 Hex Bar

The addition of tin displays spinodal strengthening via sub-microscopic chemical composition fluctuations. Copper Nickel Tin Alloy are used subsea where bearing performance, non-magnetic, low-fouling, anti-galling or high strength properties are required. Example applications include subsea manifold and ROV lock-on devices and seawater pump components, stems, bushes and bearings, drill components, subsea connectors and lifting nuts. Copper-Nickel-Tin Alloy, Bars and Rods 77Cu - 15Ni - 8Sn Solution Annealed, Cold Finished and Spinodal Hardened (TX TS) AMS4597 This specification covers a copper-nickel-tin alloy in the form of bars and rods. Copper alloy 729 Rod is a perfect alternative to nickel alloys, aluminum bronzes, and beryllium copper. C729 ToughMet alloys are anti-galling, free of lead and beryllium, and show excellent corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance in seawater applications.

Copper Nickel Tin Alloy C72900 Rod

ToughMet 3
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Rod Grade: Copper Nickel Tin Alloy AMS 4596, Copper Nickel Tin Alloy AMS 4597

Copper-nickel-tin alloy Bar & RodsAMS 4597


Copper Nickel Tin Alloy RodsAMS 4596ASTM B251, ASME SB251

Alloy (UNS)


Standards & Specifications

Ultimate Tensile Strength (ksi)

Yield Strength

Tensile Elongation (%)


Max. Hardness

ToughMet 3

TS 160U

NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, AMS 4597, ASTM B249, ASTM B251




HRC 36

No Restriction

Copper Nickel Tin Alloy Features
  • It has excellent lubricity and durability in demanding applications
  • Exceptional resistance to corrosion and cavitation
  • Highly uniform composition in all product forms
We stock & supply
  • Copper Nickel Tin Alloy ams 4596
  • Copper Nickel Tin Alloy ams 4597
  • Copper Nickel Tin Alloy C72900
  • Spinodal Copper-Nickel-Tin Alloy

Available forms in Copper Nickel Tin Alloy

Copper Nickel Tin Alloy RodDiam. 1.000" to 4.000"
Cu-Ni-Sn alloy TubeDiam. 1.625" to 8.000"

Copper Nickel Tin Alloy Rods Physical Properties

Density0.325Lbs. per cubic inch @ 68°F (annealed)
Modulus21Elastic modulus in tension x 106 P.S.I.
Electrical Conductivity9% IACS at 68°F (annealed)
Thermal Conductivity22BTU per foot per hour per °F at 68°F (annealed)
Thermal Expansion9.1Inches per inch x 10-6 from 68°F to 572°F

Mechanical Properties of Cu-Ni-Sn alloy

Tensile StrengthYield OffsetElongationHardness
x 1000 P.S.I.0.2% offset x 1000 P.S.I.% in 2 Inches
T3 AT90
1.000" - <4.000" Diam.
1109015HBS 260
T3 AT90
4.000" - 8.000" Diam.
1109012HBS 260
T3 AT110
1.000" - <4.000" Diam.
12511010C 30
T3 AT110
4.000" - 8.000" Diam.
1251106C 30

Hardness Legend C: Rockwell (150 kgf Diamond Cone) HBS : Brinell (Hardened Steel Ball)