NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum

NFL14702 Copper Nickel Aluminum for Railway & Aerospace Industry

Cupro Nickel Aluminum, NFL14702, 2.1504, CuNi14Al3, CuNi14Al, CuNi14Al2, UN14A2, K5 suppliers in Mumbai, India

NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum

NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum

Cupro Nickel CuNi14Al2

Cupro Nickel CuNi14Al2

NFL 14-702 CuNi14Al3 Copper

NFL 14-702 CuNi14Al3 Copper

The addition of aluminum can increase the strength of copper-nickel by conventional precipitation hardening mechanisms. Cu-Ni-Al alloys, principally consisting of Ni3Al and known as gamma prime, are used in shafts and bearing brushes, bolting, pump and valve trim, gears and fasteners. Because of its excellent impact and fatigue resistance NFL14702 is mainly used by both marine and aeronautical industry.

Euro standardW-nrdesignationsReference standards
ASNA 6127

NFL 14702

STF 22-55 / B005


Cupro Nickel Aluminum Alloy Properties

Melting PointN/A
Boiling PointN/A

Cupro Nickel Aluminum Alloy Health & Safety Information

Signal WordN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Transport InformationN/A

Trade nameUNSOther nameUses
Cu-Ni-Al (Cupro Nickel Aluminum Alloy)NACopper Nickel Aluminum, cupronickel aluminum, copper-nickel-aluminum, CuNiAl, CuNi14Al2, CuNi14Al3, NFL14702are used in shafts and bearing brushes, bolting, pump and valve trim, gears and fasteners.

Typical Uses for NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum Alloy:

RAILWAY INDUSTRY: valve guides, bearing cages

AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: short-circuit rings, rotors anti-friction rings, insert for plastic injection molds

Cupro Nickel Aluminum Composition


Properties of Cupro Nickel Aluminum

  • CuNi14Al2 : Extruded / CuNi14Al3: Forged
  • Very high mechanical characteristics
  • Resistance to crushing, repeated impact, vibration and wear
  • Very high resistance to corrosion and oxidation by seawater
  • Practically non-magnetic (anti-spark)
  • Not very fit for hot or cold work
  • Does not offer good abrasion characteristics

Physical Properties and Mechanical Properties of NFL14702 Cupro Nickel Aluminum

Thermal conductivity30 W / mK
rm740 - 780 N / mm²
Rp0.2540 - 590 N / mm²
AT%7 - 10%
Hardness HB205 - 220